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Our custom build products help us optimise and deliver the best solutions to your organisation. We have the expertise to deliver.

We “Partner”

We look at where you’re trying to get to and help get you there. Our competitors tend to ask for a fixed price and then delivered directly to what you’ve purchased. We try to take you on a journey where we frequently already know where that is and the pitfalls and work with you to achieve your goals.

Highest Skill Levels

Our technical skill base is unusually high. We have no junior resources

Competitive Pricing

We avoid “sticker shock” and are upfront and open with costs. We typically work on a fixed price and avoid unnecessary change requests.

Wild Alerts

Wild Alerts is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM extension that generates push notifications for reminders, actions, approvals, alerts and more.

  • Easily flag customer likes and preferences so they are highlighted prior to engagement, actions or meetings.
  • Set reminders, over and above defined workflows.
  • Provide additional information relevant to individuals or actions within the database.
  • Improve customer engagement with timely information

Wild Workflows

Wild Workflows automate processes to initiate, guide and resolve tasks within organisations.

Our workflows help staff visualise processes, providing easy to use interfaces that encourage compliance, action and resolution.

Wild Workflows are suited to a wide variety of organisations and situations and they can be process or project driven.

Wild Notes

Wild Notes is an easy to use interface that easily integrates the CRM with Microsoft, SharePoint and TRIM.

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